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Cached-commons - Javascript API

You probably already use Google’s AJAX Libraries as a CDN for your JavaScripts. But what do you do when Google is slow to add your favorite JavaScript library? Lance Pollard has created Cached Commons , an API for common Javascripts and stylesheets, cached and optimized on GitHub’s CDN.

Cached Commons lists dozens of scripts under categories like visualization, Ajax, syntax highlighting, HTML5, Flash, and testing, complete with links to project sources, demos, even documenation. Don’t see a script you want? Just fork the project and your script for everyone to share.

It looks like CSS libraries are on the TODO list, just like I had asked of Google in Episode 0.3.2!

[ Source on GitHub ] [ Homepage ]

via thechangelog.com

Definitely a great idea. In this age of widespread CDN use, it makes a great deal of sense to use cached sources for such commonly used things. The Google CDN for jQuery is definitely a planned bare minimum in my world. Looks like this will accent that really nicely.